Your Pre-Kindergarten child will benefit from a class size that does not exceed 8 students.  In addition, each child will learn preschool and Vacation Bible School songs, hear a Bible story each day, and grow in a positive, fun-filled, Christian environment.

Skills that children are taught

Kids will recognize letters and letter sounds, read color words and basic sight words using phonics, recognize numbers from 0-20, count by twos, fives, and tens, and understand adding and subtracting.

  • Decodes Words Using Phonics
  • Computation Skills Addition and Subtraction
  • Counts by 2’s to 20, 5’s to 100 and 10’s to 100
  • Rhyming Words
  • Identifies Upper and Lower Case Letters and Knows their sounds
  • Color Words, Number Words and Basic Sight Words

Activities that engage children

Boys and girls will explore the natural environment, paint, draw, use writing tools, and prepare to succeed once they go to Kindergarten.

  • Learning Table
  • Water Table Play
  • Participates in Program Presented to Parents at Christmas
  • Calendar
  • Art Table (Coloring, Painting, Play Doh)
  • Completes Patterns using Pattern Cubes and Other Objects