Your four-year-old will be in one of our two classes, each class with a teacher and teacher assistant present. Each child will learn preschool and Vacation Bible School songs, hear a Bible story each day, and grow in a positive, fun-filled, Christian environment. In all, each child will be prepared to succeed once they go to Kindergarten.

Your 4 Year Old Preschool kid(s) will name and identify colors, know their street address and phone number, as well as recognizing and naming letters of the alphabet.

Skills your children are taught

  • Can print first name
  • Puts On and Zips/Buttons Coat
  • Holds Crayons/pencil correctly for writing/coloring
  • Counts objects 1-10
  • Can copy objects like circle, square, triangle, etc.
  • Names letters of the alphabet in correct order

Your 4 Year Old Preschool Child or Children will continue to grow in social skills while mastering skills like cutting with scissors, working puzzles, printing their first name, coloring inside the lines of a picture, and counting objects 1-10.

  • Stringing Small Beads
  • Swings Self by Moving Feet
  • Large Circle/Table Activities
  • Dress Up Play
  • Building with Legos
  • Easel Drawing and Writing

Your age 4 year old will learn so many wonderful new things. From enjoying one-on-one attention that the children receive, the comfortable and friendly environment, time working on projects, to feeling loved and encouraged by their teachers. Your kid(s) will be very well prepared for kindergarten.

And did we mention snacks too! 🙂

Since 2004, our age 4 preschool program for Owensboro, Kentucky has served the community with a Christian Preschool. Our experienced, caring staff provides a 4 year old preschool developmentally appropriate, nurturing Christian environment and 4 year old curriculum for preschool children.

If you’re looking for an age 4 preschool near you, we are located on Highway 144 (formally Highway 60) near the Owensboro Hospital.  Map and address.

This is the perfect place to go before Kindergarten starts.