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Owensboro Preschool Teachers & Staff

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Owensboro Preschool Staff

At our preschool in Owensboro, our experienced director, teachers, aides and families, work together to build a one of a kind atmosphere emphasizing social development and learning through exploration and play.

We invite you to get to know us.

Jimmy Bunch

Preschool Director
Jimmy Bunch Preschool Director

Jimmy helped start the Preschool in 1999, and serves as Director. He is married with one child. In addition to his Preschool responsibilities, he is the Minister of the church. Jimmy enjoys tennis, reading, sports (especially UK basketball), and spending time with his family. He reads Bible stories to the children and sings various Preschool/Vacation Bible School songs with the kids.

Jennifer Coffman

3 Year Olds Teacher Assistant
Jennifer Coffman Preschool Teacher Assistant

Jennifer has worked at our Preschool since 2014 as a teacher assistant in one of our four-year-old classes. In addition, 2017 she began working in our three-year-old classroom. Jennifer is married and has two children. She likes camping, riding four-wheelers, fishing, as well as spending time with her family and friends. Jennifer enjoys “watching little minds grow” at Preschool and having the opportunity to work in a fun-filled Christian environment.

Andi Kunce

4 Year Olds Teacher Assistant, 3 Year Olds Teacher
Andi Kunce Preschool Teacher

Andi serves as a teacher assistant in one of our four-year-old classes and teaches our three-year-olds. She has been with our Preschool since 2010. Andi is married and has two children. She enjoys the outdoors and being with her family. For Andi, every day at Preschool is exciting and different, and it’s especially rewarding for her to watch the boys and girls learn and grow.

Misty Peay

4 Year Olds Teacher
Misty Peay Preschool Teacher

Misty teaches one of our four-year-old classes.  She has worked at our Preschool since 2004.  She enjoys camping, traveling, and spending time with her family.  Misty is married and has two children.  She loves watching how much each child grows from August to May each school year.  In addition, she is fascinated by the clever things that come out of the mouths of children and the excitement displayed on the faces of kids when they learn something new.

Linda Ward

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Linda Ward Preschool Teacher

Linda has been with the Preschool from the beginning, having served since 1999.  She has worked with all ages, but she presently serves as our Pre-Kindergarten teacher.  Linda is married, has four children, and seven grandchildren.  She is the proud owner of three birds, all of which can be found in her classroom at different times of the year.  Linda enjoys teaching young children.  In her spare time, she likes reading, knitting, crocheting, and nature.

Glenda Worthington

4 Year Olds Teacher
Glenda Worthington Preschool Teacher

Glenda teaches one of our four-year-old classes.  She has been a member of the staff since 2002.  Glenda retired as a public school teacher, having taught for 31 years.  She is married, has three children, and one grandchild.  She loves to read, swim, and spend time outdoors.  Glenda likes to see the looks on the faces of boys and girls when a concept is mastered.  In addition, she likes to listen to their conversations when they play.

Our teachers and staff endeavor to know every preschool child’s needs and style of learning and they endeavor to educate a variety of subjects while nurturing imagination and learning and growing.

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